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cherry syrup with black peppercorn

Cherry & Black Peppercorn Syrup

When you think of cherries, you’re probably thinking cherry pie or cherry Garcia ice cream, or God forbid, Maraschino cherry in an Old Fashioned. But iconic desserts and fake garnishes is not what cherries are all about. From a delightful brandied cherry in a classic Manhattan to deliciously crafted liqueurs such as Luxardo, cherries have a long-standing relationship with craft cocktails

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Pistachio Cocktail with Bourbon

Even though for many, hopping on the healthy bandwagon again this summer includes some serious cocktail tweaking, kale infusions and just plan sketchy substitutions , making low-calorie cocktails is just not our thing. And while we are hopeless romantics, believing that cocktails should have a fair amount of booze, and yes some sugar, we love the idea of using super foods, such as pistachios, as a cocktail ingredient.

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the best wedding cocktail

Wedding Cocktail with Rose Wine Floater

The crisis of “should I have wine or a cocktail?” is something we hear at weddings all the time! Might seem silly, but the struggle to answer this question is real 🙂 …and then an idea came to us. Lets combine the best of both worlds of booze and wine, and “marry” them into a cocktail that will quickly solve the drinking dilemma. Of course, the New York sour came to mind. The classic whisky sour topped with red wine is a gorgeous cocktail, but there was something about red wine and white dresses that didn’t sit well with us.

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classic champagne cocktail recipe

Champagne Cocktail

Classic cocktail videos in under a minute

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Spicy Casamigos Tequila Cocktail

Making spicy margaritas can be like playing with fire – fun but a little risky. It seems like everyone is hollering for muddled jalapenos in their tequila cocktails these days, but the reality is that you never know how spicy a jalapeño will turn out to be. Sometimes a whole pepper is not enough to pack a punch and other times a single slice is enough to have you run for the milk.

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classic gin fizz recipe

Gin Fizz

Classic cocktail videos in under a minute

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the best greyhound recipe

Ginger-Aperol Greyhound Cocktail

Summertime and the living might be easy (or so says Sublime), but when your house feels like an oven, doing anything other than laying in a hammock and drinking a cocktail might seem like a chore. It is times like these that the simplicity of a cocktail can be the biggest draw – less work, more play.

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the perfect gin and tonic - dill, cucumber, black peppercorn, gin, and fever tree mediterranean tonic

Greek Gin and Tonic

You might wonder if a gin and tonic is really a drink worthy of a post from us. But there is more to this cocktail than first meets the eyes. With the emergence of different styles of gin and unique flavored tonics, the refreshing mixture is now evolving into more than just a two ingredient cocktail- it is becoming its own drink category.

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how to make coca cola syrup

Coca Cola Syrup

I’ll be honest – if you don’t like Coca Cola, there isn’t much we can talk about 🙂 Well…this might be a bit strong but I am in fact an absolute Cola fanatic and while I love drinking the soda straight, I have hard time using it in craft cocktails. So instead, I use it in the shape of a syrup.

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whiskey cocktail with frangelico

Hazelnut Bourbon Sour with an Isla Twist

To be honest this cocktail might be the result of my slight obsession with hazelnut – I mean, Nutella and crepes? Hazelnut snickers? And have you tried Frangelico on ice cream yet? Let me stop here, before I get too sidetracked…

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smoked pina colada

Smoked Piña Colada

Have you ever found yourself at a bar craving a Piña Colada but we too embarrassed to order one? Yes, calling for a Piña Colada at a bar can draw some serous judgment. The exotic coconut-pineapple concoction has always been somewhat of a vacation cocktail rather than a casual drink. But let’s be honest, most of us would secretively fancy a Piña Colada on a hot day, and why not?

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the best spring cocktails 2017

10 Bar Quality Spring Cocktails

For most bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, the arrival of spring means it’s time to hit the Farmers Market and get the cocktail testing rolling. With warmer weather bringing forth a bigger and fresher selection of produce, out comes a wave of cocktail aficionados looking to take advantage of spring’s best harvest.

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aperol spritz cocktail recipe

Aperol Spritz

Classic cocktail videos in under a minute

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the best brunch cocktail 2017

New Fashioned Brunch Cocktail

Are you tired of mimosa spin-offs, “pioneer” Bellinis, and “bacon-shrimp” Bloody Marys for brunch? You are not alone! With the weather warming up, leisurely brunches are becoming more of a weekend staple and less of a special occasion; and fizzy morning drinks may just be the reason why.