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The Best of All Aspects of Bartending and Cocktail Catering
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easy clarified margarita recipe

Clear Intention

As cocktail caterers, our job and our intuition dictate that we deliver eye-catching cocktails that indulge and amuse. As we aim to bring an element of surprise to our events, we messed around with a clarified cocktail this week. A crystal-clear cocktail has the aptitude to not only pamper but also completely shock our taste buds – a perfect fix for those times we like to play with people’s expectations. 

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how to host a virtual cocktail class

Cocktails Gone Viral (pt2)

Hi y’all,

I hope everyone had a productive week and fun 3-day weekend. Taking from where we left, here is the second part of our “Key tools and strategies we used to create and monetize our virtual cocktail making workshops.”

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how to make money with virtual mixology

Cocktails Gone Viral (Pt1)

In our last blog post, we posted an in-depth article about alternative ways to make money for bartenders and bar owners. Based on the feedback we received, it appears that most of you loved the idea of bartending classes! My email flooded with questions all relating to the same theme–How do online mixology workshops work and how can I make money doing one?

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how to make money as a bartender during covid 19

Cocktail Pros: Don’t Throw In The Towel Yet

Stand up to the pandemic and keep bartending using these alternative ways to make money with what you love to do.

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cocktail catering company

The Grand Rehearsal + Video

For us, being a part of someone’s big day is just as important as perfecting our cocktail recipes, choosing the right glassware or finding the perfect bow tie-vest combination. Yes, we enjoy making cocktails, but we also just love going above and beyond for our clients. We take personal pleasure in becoming a small part of each couple’s story.

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flair project in action

Spring Fling with a Cocktail

Being invited to play a part in every great event is just not possible, but when Percy Sales summons you to be on the “main stage” at one of his infamous festivities, attending is as sure to happen as ordering a crisp martini after a James Bond movie. So when the man himself gave us…

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cocktail spaces

Spices You Should Consider Adding to Your Cocktails

For many years, adding spices to cocktails was an art form known only among a select few. Today, bartenders across the country are using spices to elevate the flavor of their cocktail creations.

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Toasted Macadamia Nut Orgeat. Plus Video

First off…holy sh*tballs – it’s been way over a month since our last blog post! Sorry guys! Don’t want to sound like I am making excuses here, but Mikey and I have been so busy with events and classes, we have had zero time to get our cameras out and shoot.But it’s not all bad news people – over the last month, we put some new recipes up to the test, and now lots of good stuff will be coming your way.

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Team Building with a Shaker

We all know that team building activities promote harmony and create good working relationships that can be so vital to a company’s efficiency and productivity.

The problem here is that the typical office team building ideas tend to bring out more sighs that smiles among co-workers, and it can often feel like a child’s play rather than a grown-up’s activity. But, put a cocktail glass in almost any adult’s hand, and immediately, attitudes begin to shift.

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