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Blackberry Bourbon Cocktail With Minty Lemonade Foam

blackberry mint bourbon cocktail
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Maybe it’s the fact that they are predictable, or it may just be because there are at least 10 variations popping up on the first page of Pinterest alone, but honestly, we are getting a little tired of “Bourbon Smashes”.

Originally made by crushing fresh berries and fruit in combination with whiskey and herbs, bourbon smashes have become a popular drink among cocktail enthusiasts, home bartenders and even brides. Yes, they are refreshing and yes, we do get the appeal of fresh fruit in a cocktail, so I do not say this lightly – I despise mudding fruit! I find it hard to just blindly trust that the fruit is ripe enough for our cocktails, and then there is the added  mess that muddling fruit produces. Because of all the problems we see with muddling fruit, we do our best to avoid it at all costs. So instead, at Flair Project we often make syrups or use liqueurs to get the right balance and consistency in our cocktails.

For the record, this cocktail is a twist on a popular bourbon smash that you can probably find thousands of recipes for, but Mikey and I happen to think we made a better, more elegant, and most importantly, a simpler cocktail to make. Introducing the Opening Line

the best craft cocktail with bourbon

As a rule of thumb at Flair Project, we like our bourbon cocktails boozy and we made no exception here. We made with a generous amount of Bulliet Bourbon and flavored it with rich blackberry liqueur in lieu of fresh berries. And to enhance the looks and boost the texture of the cocktail, we finished the “Opening Line” with a homemade citrus-mint foam. This is one refined, yet robust cocktail, perfect for those of us who like to drink with style…and I’d take bets on this being the “buzz” of the crowd at your next party.

So let’s start with the foam…

Soak 15-20 fresh mint leaves in 10 ounces of lemonade for about 3 hoursStrain the mint leaves through a fine mesh to get a minty lemonadehomemade mint lemonadeSeparate 4 egg whites Add the mint flavored lemonade and the egg whites in a whipped cream dispenserhomemade cocktail foam

Close the canister and charge it with a nitrogen cartridge. Give it a shake to combine all ingredients and refrigerate for at least an hour before use.

You can also check out our video on  how to make cocktail foams

And now the cocktail…


blackberry mint bourbon cocktail
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Blackberry-Mint Foam Bourbon Cocktail

Blackberry bourbon cocktail with a minty lemonade foam for those of us who like to drink in style.


  • 1.5 oz Bourbon (we used Bulliet)
  • 0.5 oz Crème de Mure (or a blackberry liqueur of your choosing)
  • 0.25 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 dash Orange Bitters


  1. Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker

  2. Add ice and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds

  3. Fill up a coupe glass about 1/3 full with mint-citrus foam 

  4. Strain contents of cocktail shaker over the foam and garnish with mint leaf and fresh blackberry

  5. Top with more foam if needed

Recipe Notes

As we already mentioned before, you can use probably use any blackberry liqueur you wish, but we strongly recommend Crème de Mure from Massenez. We tried it last month, and we fell in love with it because it just gives you a burst of blackberry flavor that the fresh fruit and other cheap liqueurs can simply not match in cocktails. Oh and don’t let the price of around $28 scare you – this is a very potent liqueur and only a small dose is needed to flavor a cocktail. A bottle will last you quite some time  to “blackberry” your drinks. And it goes with everything - vodka, gin, bourbon, whatever you like, this is a must-have for the liquor cabinet.

creme de mure cocktail with bourbon

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