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spring margarita cocktail

Spring Margarita with Kumquats

We are lucky that in California even December is a legitimate surf month, but we still get excited about the warm spring weather and the promises it brings. Just as everywhere else, it’s the season to get out, be adventurous and celebrate life…with a cocktail of course.

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how to make cocktail foams at home

How to Make Cocktail Foams

When someone hands you a kale-blueberry smoothie that is the color of a mud puddle you barely want to step over, let alone drink, you’d probably turn it down too! Or in his case run away screaming, but that’s beside the point. Smoothie enthusiasts are not alone in their struggle however. The same can happen to the most experienced of bartenders…

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the best wedding bartenders in california

Flair Project in the Wedding Issue of Santa Barbara Life and Style Magazine

The folks of SB Life and Style magazine have decided to once again give Flair Project recognition as one of the best bartering services in the 805 area.

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easy Mint Julep recipe

Mint Julep

Classic cocktail videos in under a minute

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Czech Mate

It’s true, we fell head over heels with the farm-to-drink craze, but let’s be honest while we love our cucumber martinis, their original novelty may have worn off a bit. Not to worry! This recipe will (fingers crossed) return your cucumber martini to its former glory days. “Czech Mate”. The secret ingredient that really sets this drink apart is Becherovka.

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elegant bar tools

Essential Tools

There are so many choice on the market when it comes down to selecting bar tools and no one tool is the right one for all. We know that whether it’s cocktail enthusiasts or professional bartenders, everyone have their own style and they all need bar tools that are made well, are easy to maintain and reasonably prices. Here are some tools that have stood the test of time with us.

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fernet branca cocktail with rum

Mai Tai Nia

In times of artisanal bourbons, herb-infused cocktails, and gold-plated shakers, Tiki drinks are often seen as the “sloppy drunkards that never grew up to party in style.” And yes, their bad rep is not completely unfounded. Most of us have had one (or a few) of these brightly colored and nearly deadly syrupy-sweet tropical delights served in chintzy glassware and adorned with an umbrella pick, and have sworn to stick to wine next time!

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the best Valentine's day cocktail

Strawberry Coquette

While strawberries are known them for their flirtatious relationship with chocolate, this is one berry that can’t be tied down. And when it leaves its cocoa counterpart waiting alone at a table for two, the independent Strawberry skips town to reach its fullest potential in the Strawberry Coquette.

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virgin strawberry shrub for romantic cocktail

Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Virgin Shrub

What we call Strawberry Peppercorn Virgin Shrub is known in many culinary cultures of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe as kompot. Not to be confused with the dessert called compote, kompot is a non-alcoholic drink made from fruit simmered with water and sugar.
We decided to incorporate that non-alcoholic delight, and not a store-bought syrup, into our cocktails because of a few reasons…

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The Perfect Apple Cocktail this Winter

As winter is here, it’s time to pack on the layers of clothes to get warm and cozy up with a soul soothing drink in hand. So, at Flair Project we have come up with the perfect cocktail to do just that this winter season.

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pistachio after dinner cocktail with rum

Dessert Drinks on the Rise

Who doesn’t like a liquid dessert? Yes, please! With the boom of these dessert cocktails like chocolate and tiramisu martinis, the trend is to mix alcohol with some sweet liquor like Bailey’s Irish cream and Godiva Liqueur. However, after the third sip the sugar crush happens and the cocktail is often left abandoned

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homemade pistachio syrup extract for cocktails

Homemade Pistachio Cordial

Lets take a break from the almond craze for a minute. Remember when we all drank dairy, ate real cheese and made a true PBJ? Yeah…me either but let’s switch up the nut and talk about almond’s forgotten cousin, the pistachio!

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best cocktail party drink

The Ultimate Bourbon Cocktail for Events

If you ever had to create signature cocktails for events, then you probably know that it could be a real grind. Satisfying the inevitable demand for originality combined with facility limitations and the serious efforts most event bars usually require, makes creating cocktail lists for events more than just a muse project.

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Mixology Meets Flair

Last month we were invited to perform at a cocktail competition held at Good Lion Bar here in Santa Barbara. The competition called for the contestants to make the best Negroni in town. This challenge attracted some of the finest local craftsmen who amazed the crowd with creative ingenuity and impressed tough judges with their all around expertise.

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Flair bartenders featured in magazines

Flair Project Featured in Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine

One of the most rewarding aspects of being apart of Flair Project has been watching our company grow and receiving recognition. Recently our beverage director Ivo Peshev, was featured in this June’s issue of Santa Barbara Life & Style magazine. He was interviewed and “recognized as one of the best bartenders in the western United States.”