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The Grand Rehearsal + Video

For us, being a part of someone’s big day is just as important as perfecting our cocktail recipes, choosing the right glassware or finding the perfect bow tie-vest combination. Yes, we enjoy making cocktails, but we also just love going above and beyond for our clients. We take personal pleasure in becoming a small part of each couple’s story.

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Spring Fling with a Cocktail


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Spices You Should Consider Adding to Your Cocktails

For many years, adding spices to cocktails was an art form known only among a select few. Today, bartenders across the country are using spices to elevate the flavor of their cocktail creations.

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Toasted Macadamia Nut Orgeat. Plus Video

First off…holy sh*tballs – it’s been way over a month since our last blog post! Sorry guys! Don’t want to sound like I am making excuses here, but Mikey and I have been so busy with events and classes, we have had zero time to get our cameras out and shoot.But it’s not all bad news people – over the last month, we put some new recipes up to the test, and now lots of good stuff will be coming your way.

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fun team building idea

Team Building with a Shaker

We all know that team building activities promote harmony and create good working relationships that can be so vital to a company’s efficiency and productivity.

The problem here is that the typical office team building ideas tend to bring out more sighs that smiles among co-workers, and it can often feel like a child’s play rather than a grown-up’s activity. But, put a cocktail glass in almost any adult’s hand, and immediately, attitudes begin to shift.

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the best valentines day cocktail

Love Bird – Craft Valentine’s Day Cocktail

In today’s busy world, it seems like Valentine’s day has a way of quietly sneaking up on us every year, leaving us somewhat unprepared to do something special for our better halves.

And while chocolate-covered strawberries, roses, and a copy of 50 Shades of Grey are perfectly acceptable valentine’s day gifts, we thought you might want to set the mood with something a little less cliche this year.

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fresh blood orange margarita

Cali Margarita

Southern California winters are like a dream. Take it from a kid who grew up with the harsh Bulgarian winters; I still find myself watching in disbelief while people surf in December, kayak in January and play beach volleyball in February. But if I were to tell you that January is also one of our favorite months to make fresh juice cocktails, you might scratch your head and wonder if I’ve been hit one too many times in the head by one of those volleyballs.

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homemade citrus dust

Homemade Citrus Dust

In the winter, you might find yourself a bit disappointed with the fresh fruit selection in the farmer’s market. But while tropical fruit, melons, and berries are not up to par, January is, in fact, the best month for everything citrus.

However, we don’t necessarily follow the rule that when life gives you lemons, you must make lemonade!

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roasted chestnut brandy alexander

Chestnut Brandy Alexander

I know that Brandy Alexanders were a big hit on the dinner table in the 20’s when dessert cocktails were a bit more simple-minded, and sipping on a milky nightcap was a classy way to wrap up a meal. But with the rise of the craft cocktail, this vintage after-dinner treat has fallen out of fashion, and it has fast turned into the ultimate retro cocktail.

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homemade roasted milk

Roasted Chestnut Milk

I don’t know if it was because chestnuts usually come out Christmastime and Christmas and eggnog is such a good combo, but there was something about chestnuts that just screamed milk to me. So I decided to infuse some milk with chestnuts and make some cocktails.

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the perfect chamomile cocktail for the winter

Irish Chamomile Sour

I know that we can’t quite call it a winter in California, but I am very excited about the cold-ish weather that we have been experiencing in the last week or so. Now, I know that for those you who have “real” winters (with snow and whatnot), 60 degrees doesn’t necessarily make you dream of curling up on the couch with a hot toddy in hand, watching reruns of Friends in your coziest PJ’s.

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the best persimmon cocktail

Thanksgiving Persimmon Cocktail


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Biscotti Dessert Cocktail

I love cocktails…I know, it’s a bit obvious at this point. But everyone who knows me, knows that I also have a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to Italian desserts! Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Cannoli, you name it, I will eat it. Even though I grew up in Bulgaria, one of my favorite ways to indulge after a meal was to nibble on coffee soaked biscotti cookies.

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classy halloween cocktail

Vanished in the Dark – The Classy Halloween Cocktail

I know that Halloween is all about creative costumes, trick or treating and allowing yourself to eat candy like there is no tomorrow. But “The day of the dead” is also about spending time with friends, and yes, we are all adults here so I’ll just say it: it’s a day to drink.

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Creamy Limoncello

With online recipes in the thousands, it almost seemed pointless trying to get on the limoncello tutorial bandwagon. But I have been working in an Italian restaurant for the past nine years, where the owner, Sofia makes homemade limoncello every week.