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Team Building with a Shaker

fun team building idea

We all know that team building activities promote harmony and create good working relationships that can be so vital to a company’s efficiency and productivity.

The problem here is that the typical office team building ideas tend to bring out more sighs that smiles among co-workers, and it can often feel like a child’s play rather than a grown-up’s activity. But, put a cocktail glass in almost any adult’s hand, and immediately, attitudes begin to shift (in a good way). This is when we realized we really might be onto something.

fun bachelorette party idea
For years, wine tasting has been the go-to activity for teams to bond over and clink glasses. However, the fast-spreading mixology movement is sparking an interest in making craft cocktails and trying artisan spirits not only among professional bartenders but also among cocktail enthusiasts and self-proclaimed booze nerds. Not to mention that with the rise of mixology, knowing your booze and mastering the perfect cocktail has turned into something we expect from any sophisticated host.

So it comes as no surprise that over the past few years, we’ve seen a number of cocktail making classes pop up just about everywhere in the U.S. And these fun, interactive and engaging workshops might just be in a position to take the place of company trips to the vineyards.

From getting everyone involved to practicing, and maybe even perfecting modern bartending techniques, these hands-on workshops combine everything a good team building activity needs – education, action, entertainment, and, yes, sometimes even engaging competition. Plus, let’s be honest; laughs and bonding with your co-workers come more naturally when the cocktails are flowing.

mixology class for team building

the best team building idea

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mixology classes for fun santa barbara

team building cocktail class in santa barbara

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At Flair Project, we have been offering mixology workshops since 2016, and I can honestly say that these classes are some of our favorite ventures as bartenders, as they give us the opportunity to simultaneously educate, entertain and indulge clients.

So whether you are an event professional or a hotel manager looking for a fun team building experience, or a company director seeking for the perfect way to connect with your team, these mixology workshops might just be the best way to treat employees to a genuine day of fun.

Here is a list of companies that hold mixology workshops in your area
This post is free of cost to both our readers and the businesses listed here. There’s no markup. As the owners of Flair Project, this is our way of spreading the word and thanking the visionaries who make bartending and mixology what it is today.

New York, NY

Apotheke  |  Class Capacity 15  |  Website

San Diego, CA

You & Yours Distilling Co  |   Class Capacity 14  |  Website

Los Angeles, CA

Flair Project  |  Class Capacity 10  | Website

Santa Barbara, CA

Flair Project  |  Class Capacity 20  | Website

Chicago, IL

Violet Hour  |  Class Capacity 14  |  Website  

Las Vegas, NV

Mixology Classes LV  |  Class Capacity 50  |  Website

Charlotte, NC

Liberate Your Palate  |  Class Capacity 25  |  Website

Houston, TX

  Rosemont  |  Class Capacity 20  |  Website

Bay Area, CA

Sidecar Cocktail Parties  |  Class Capacity 14  |  Website

San Francisco, CA

SF Mixology  |  Class Capacity 100  |  Website

San Francisco, CA

Elixir To Go  |  Class Capacity 100  |  Website

Boston, MA

Bully Boy Distillers  |  Class Capacity  14  |  Website

Detroit, MI

Tammy's Tastings  |  Class Capacity 50  |  Website

Cleveland, OH

Dr. Drink's Traveling Apothecary Show  |  Class Capacity  |  Website

Phoenix, AZ

Sanctuary Resort  |  Class Capacity 20  |  Website

Philadelphia, PA

Cocktail Culture Co  |  Class Capacity 20  |  Website


The Bittery   |  Class Capacity 20  |  Website

Portland, OR

Thomas and Sons Distillery  |  Class Capacity 12  |  Website

Scottsdale, AZ

Mountain Shadow Hotel  |  Class Capacity  |  Website

Milwaukee, WI

Free Pour  |  Class Capacity 12  |  Website

Washington, DC

Wisdom  |  Class Capacity 30  |  Website

Omaha, NE

The Grey Plume  |  Class Capacity 30  |  Website

Orlando, FL

The Woods  |  Class Capacity 20  |  Website

Minneapolis, MN

Jester Concepts  |  Class Capacity 16  |  Website
If you want to see your business listed in this blog post, please emails us at info@flairprojectsb.com with a subject line “mixology classes”
Flair Project is a full-service bartending agency, and we are available for mixology workshops for company team buildings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and small “kitchen” gatherings in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County.
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