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The Ultimate Bourbon Cocktail for Events

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If you ever had to create signature cocktails for events, then you probably know that it could be a real grind. Satisfying the inevitable demand for originality combined with facility limitations and the serious efforts most event bars usually require, makes creating cocktail lists for events more than just a muse project. A booming event cocktail is a result of strategic planning, ingenuity and vision.

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One of our favorite event libations this year is the “After Dark.” A snazzy combination of Bourbon and Amaros elevated with chocolate bitters and Pernod and embellished with roasted ginger crystals.

Swanky, boozy yet smooth and most importantly easy to make, this is a superb libation choice for your next black tie event. And if you like cigars it’s even better…


The ultimate bourbon cocktail for events 


  • 2 oz Michter’s Rye Whiskey
  • 0.75 oz Amaro Nonino
  • 0.25 oz Amaro Averna
  • 2 drops Chocolate Bitters
  • Pernod (for the rinse)


  1. Start with rinsing your serving glass (old fashion, double rock, whatever you got for the event) with Pernod (an anise flavored sprit) note: to save time you can pour some pernod in a small spray bottle and mist the glass prior to serving)

  2. Pour all ingredients (except Pernod) in a mixing beaker or pint glass

  3. Add ice and stir for 10 to 15 seconds

  4. Strain into a double old fashioned glass

  5. Garnish with a caramelized ginger candy

Recipe Notes

Using a blowtorch, caramelized pre skewered crystallized ginger candy and use the ginger for garnish. If you’re using a wooden skewer, make sure you have almost completely covered the skewer so you don’t burn the wood part and risk the embarrassment of charcoaled bamboo pieces floating in your drink.

The “After Dark” is a dazzling, captivating and most importantly easy drink to create making it a slam-dunk for your event cocktail menu and the ultimate bourbon libation.

Photos By: Silas Fallstich


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