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The Dream Wedding

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By Ivo Peshev

Yes, when you hear “dream wedding,” you most likely think this was the bride’s perfect wedlock (and we really hope it was), but Lacey and Bill’s wedding was one of our favorite celebrations we have had the pleasure to bartend this year.

Now don’t give me wrong, it’s not like we don’t’ dig the big projects and the spectacular weddings in California, but there was something really special about this cozy backyard gathering.

Intimate, small and relaxed, Lacey and Bill only had about 20 of their dearest friends and family who come to celebrate love and truly enjoy life.

This was the perfect occasion for us to go a little overboard with the cocktails and bring out the big guns (and by guns, I mean cocktail gadgets). Most weddings we do are too big for getting too crafty with cocktail foamers, homemade infusions and custom made bitters but was the ideal event to do just that. And that we did! Citrus foam, secret infusions, and house-made garden bitters were only a few of the surprises on the menu that day! And of course, as per usual, we taught the most eager guests some of our signature flair moves.

The best part of it all is that the father of the bride happens to be one of my favorite customers from the bar at Trattoria Vittoria and now a dear friend – Guy! Sharing this beautiful moment with people I truly cherish made this evening so special to me. This was, that without a doubt, the perfect wedding and a night I won’t ever forget.

Thank you Guy, Grazie Lacey, Danke Bill 🙏

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Photography: Ellie Koleen
Dress: Delphine Manivet
Hair & Makeup: Carlyle Salon
Rentals: Tent Merchant 
Mobile Bar: Flair Project
Caterer: Heirloom La 
Florist: The Twisted Twig

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