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Mixology and Flair Bartending In Los Angeles

In the world of bartending a divide between flair bartenders and mixologists has appeared and is gaining speed. It seems that now a days as a bartender you have to be one or the other, you cannot be both. And even more than that, there is a competition between mixologsts and flair bartenders as to who is more qualified to claim their title.

Here at Flair Project it is important to understand that we don’t put ourselves in one of the categories over the other. We believe that bartending as a whole is what is important and mixology and flair add to that. When appropriate bartenders should be both mixologists and use flair.

Mixology and Flair Combined

However, this divide between the two sides is a conversation going on in our world and is something we are interested in. It is important to be aware of what is happening in your community and this is what is going on in ours. But, no matter what side you personally fall on one thing remains true … bartending is a way of life.

In order to shed some more light on this split between flair bartenders and mixologists we wanted share an article by Tom Dyer. Dyer has won multiple bartending competitions around the world, is ranked one of the top five flair bartenders for the last 15 years. He has owned bars and bartending agencies around the world and uses his knowledge to train other bartenders both flair and classic bartending. In short, we think his diverse background in the business makes him very qualified to give his opinion on this topic. In his article Dryer explains in detail the differences or lack there of between flair and mixology. “What I have come to realize is there will always be a perceived divide between mixologists and flair bartenders.” Dyer’s article explores and explains that “perceived divide.”

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