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DIY Mixology – Fat Washing Spirits

coconut oil washed bourbon
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I know I know…I hope you can get past the rather unusual title here. When we are talking about cocktails, fat washing might sound bizarre or borderline discussing, but washing” alcohol with fats (and oils) is an excellent way to infuse without over seasoning while adding a unique texture to a spirit.

Similar to infusing spirits with solids, alcohol wash requires soaking fats such as oils, butters, and even animal fat in liquor for a day or two and then freezing until the fats solidify, making it easier to separate from the liquor itself.

The main difference between infusing with solids and fat washing is that the latter not only flavors the alcohol, but it also gives the spirit a nice, smoother and deeper texture, perfect for those complex cocktails we are always talking about. I personally find fat washing fitting when I need just a hint of flavor without compromising the actual flavor of the alcohol.

From duck fat to brown butter and everything in between, everything goes, as long as you have imagination and a thirst for creativity.

This is our coconut oil washed video we made for a coconut Mint Julep (coming next week). However, no matter what oils and booze you decide to marinate, the steps to achieve the perfect “wash” will look the same.

Coconut Oil Washed Bourbon

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What oil do you want to try in a cocktail? Comment in the section below and we might just make it happen…
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