For Cocktail Caterers & Bar Owners


Flair Project offers specialized consulting services for cocktail caterers and off-premise beverage providers. Our programs are designed to help aspiring cocktail entrepreneurs and bar owners develop, manage, and scale successful off-premise beverage services.

Permits and Licensing

We can assist you with obtaining and completing all of the documentation required for off-premise beverage service. 

Branding and Marketing

We implement tested strategies to develop an exciting brand, connect your business with the right audience, and help you maintain long-lasting relationships with your clients. 

Event Management

We bring a new dynamic training approach to your off-site procedures in order to deliver spectacular and effective customer service.

Beverage Programs and Pricing

We can develop off-premise cocktail programs best-suited for the character of your business and clientele. Keeping your demographic in mind, we will help you set appropriate prices aimed to boost your profit margins.


We provide you with a tactical plan to attract new customers and retain a routine clientele in order to maximize your business potential. 

We can help you build a properly-structured off-premise cocktail business with an outstanding reputation and exceptional customer satisfaction. Let’s maximize your efficiency, sales, and profits together.

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