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Bar Consulting

Bar Consulting is a great practice for owners and managers to improve employees’ skills and to develop or restore the image of their bar, restaurant, lounge, etc. Our broad knowledge and experience in the beverage industry will aide in your business’ professionalism and profitability.

Flair Techniques and Practices

We bring a new dynamic approach to your on-site staff training procedures in order to deliver spectacular and effective customer service.

Free Pouring and Bar Inventory

We will train your staff to execute proper pouring techniques and measurements to achieve consistency across your cocktail menu. A well-trained employee will get accurate measurement with little waste, reducing costs and making inventory a breeze.

Product Knowledge

We will educate all employees on the flavor profiles and qualities of the spirits and liqueurs your bar carries.

Cocktail Developing and Pricing

We will assist you with the development of cocktail menus best-suited for the character of your bar and clientele. With keeping your demographic in mind, we will help you set appropriate prices aimed at increasing your profits.

We will help you build a properly-structured bar with professional equipment in order to maximize efficiency, sales and profits.

A professionally-operated bar with a higher level of customer service attracts more guests and generates higher profits.

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