Ivo Peshev

Ivo Peshev

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Ivo’s love affair with bartending started in 2004 with a six month bartending program at Flair Forever School in the city of Sofia.

Soon after graduating, he started his first bartending job there. Over the next  3 years Ivo bartended in some of the finest clubs in the city and was often invited train and perform at local events.

In 2007, Ivo decided to move to Santa Barbara California to attend college to study communications. While there, he discovered that flair bartending was more than just a hobby. His attraction to the technique has turned his passion into his life’s work. While working in the bar industry for the last 14 years he has built a solid foundation of knowledge in mixology, hospitality and bar development.

Currently, Ivo is managing Flair Project’s cocktail catering program and running Flair Project’s blog, as well as managing the bar at Trattoria Vittoria. On any given night, Ivo can be seen exuding his intense poise and presence behind the bar that keeps his patrons coming back.  From knowing the customers drinks, to crafting a cocktail to their specifications, his devotion to serving and entertaining his customers shows in every happy face that lights up when the bottles start flying.

Ivo has built a reputation as one of the best flair bartenders in California. He has secured top honors in many competitions in and out-of state. He is regarded as one of the most personable, entertaining and well-rounded bartenders in Santa Barbara. Whether it is making classic cocktails, time management, service, creativity, or all-around professionalism, Ivo has truly set the mark for the standards of full service bartending.